The more technical:

Our PACS solution is called SMooTH and it has been developed by J4Care in Austria, which has delivered PACS within the human area for many years. J4Care has always prioritized compliance with standards high and is currently among the leaders when participating "IHE Connectathons" meetings where different PACS providers are evaluated and rated to what extent their PACS complies with human image area transactions and standards ( IHE, HL7 and DICOM). In addition to delivering PACS to human hospitals either under their own name or in cooperation with, for example, EMC, Fujitsu, Ameron, Topicus, J4Care has delivered the national image viewer to Estonia (with up to 3,000 simultaneous users).
... and what does it mean for a veterinary clinic?
J4Care's compliance with IHE's transactions means, that we have a platform for expanding current record integration, and that today we are connected to more than 50 different modalities at veterinary clinics in the Nordic region, exciting from traditional X-ray, dental X, C-Bows, ultrasound over CT and MRI to endoscopy equipment and other equipment that generates medical images. Equipment that complies with DICOM can be directly connected - and equipment that does not comply with DICOM, we usually have the option of connecting in another way.
Our SMOTH platform is flexible and for example, the function for 2ndOpinion is developed in collaboration with Danish veterinarians and the next version of the viewer will, for example, contain TPLO templates prepared in collaboration with Norwegian veterinarians. Latest development done together with the veterinarians, is a template for measuring "Distal Femoral Angel".