PACS for Veterinarians - focus on workflow

Through close collaboration with veterinary surgeons and leading record vendors in the Nordic region, W4M has created an integrated solution that supports veterinary needs in handling medical images.


Why should my clinic have PACS?

Today's clinical work includes a great use of medical images that need to be stored for quick and safe documentation, so that the images can always be found. In Denmark, the requirement is usually five years, but in Norway and Sweden (and for ISO clinics in Denmark) the requirement is that images are stored for 10 years.

Do as one of the more than 100 clinics in the Nordic region, which today has our PACS solution

Our solutions


For the clinic that wants images to be stored safely in the "cloud" - but still with full integration to the record system to support a seamless workflow.


For the clinic that has a large image production from many different modalities and / or many CT / MR scans. Can be combined with active backup of images to CloudPACS. Whether it's CloudPACS or your own server is up to you and depends primarily on your wishes.


For chains / associations of clinics where the focus is on a centralized solution with easy access to images across the clinics. Typically based on a central server – maybe combined with a buffer archive at the larger clinics, with automatic synchronization to the central archive. The possibilities are many - contact us or our partners to discuss the best solution for you.

About W4M

W4M's vision is to provide a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solution that, together with the record vendors, creates an integrated workflow on the use of medical images at veterinarians and chiropractors.

Our partners