PACS for Veterinarians - focus on workflow

Through close collaboration with veterinary surgeons and leading journal providers in the Nordic region, W4M has created an integrated solution that supports veterinary work in dealing with medical images. All work on images is done from the journal so that the user in the daily work should not concentrate on logging on to PACS - whether it is traditional x-ray, dental x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, endoscopy or other medical images from the clinical work. The overall workflow for eg. An X-ray examination consists of:
  • Creating a requisition / work list in the patient record so that information about the patient can be obtained on the X-ray equipment.
  • Implementation of the X-ray Survey, which, when completed, is completed and sent to PACS
  • The x-rays can then be viewed and processed directly via the link in the patient's journal at all workplaces in the clinic - or via home workplaces and tablets
The PACS solution is offered either as CloudPACS - where images, besides being stored locally at the clinic, are also stored automatically in the "cloud" for backup - or as their own server - typically for larger clinics / associations of clinics who want to have their own PACS -solution. Contact us or one of our partners to discuss what solution will be the right one for your clinic.

Regardless of the solution, the traditional image editing options are available, such as. Zoom, change of gradient (window / level), angle and distance measurement. Based on our veterinary experience, we see a widespread use of image sharing, why our solution has a variety of export features from burning CDs and printing images on printer or PDF file, by transferring images to other clinics, Idexx Telemedicine, VetCT or other telemedicine services to 2ndOpinion, where it is possible to give a colleague or customer time-limited access to a survey via a link in an email.

Interested in the technical?

We take pride in being an independent PACS provider who can connect imaging equipment, whether from Agfa, Canon, 3Desk / Fire, Duerr Medical, Eklin, Esaota, Fuji, Karl Storch, Kodak / Carestream, Medex, MediVet, Siemens, GE, Oehm & Rehbein, Philips, Progany, Romexis, Toshiba - or others.

See list of examples of connected equipment